Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hello everybody!
I want to share a little bit story about my self. Hope all of you can give me a few minutes to know who am I and enjoy my story.
Hi! First of all, my full name is Nur Nabilah Binti Mohd Salleh. You can call me abil or nabilah salleh but not nab okay! Hahaa..
I was born into this wonderful, enjoyable, and full of adventure world in 11 September 1990. I see trees of green, red roses,skies of blue, the bright blessed day, the amazing colours of the rainbow that are so pretty in the sky,an much more.
Seeing the wonderful points of this world, I guess my parents are happy of giving birth to other innocent and cutes children who may joint me enjoy this wonderful world with me. I have four siblings and all of us are girls. I am the eldest. I think I am the cutest among my siblings, but all my younger sister are prettier than me...Oh god! Hahaa
Ok now I want to tell you about my beloved parents. I really love both of them.
A handsome and a strong men in the picture above is my lovely father. My father's name is Mohd Salleh Bin Jusof. My father is a very kind, patient, loving and hardworking person. He works by himself and has his own workshop.
I really loves my father because he always take care on his children. He scarifies all things such as money, his hobbies that is fishing and others only to make my younger sisters and I happy and get what we want. I really proud of him because he can life happily with four women in his life. Although when he sicks, he willing to do his job only to give more money to me when I get the offer letter from UiTM. Oh my god, my eyes start to crying.
He is the best father in the world.

Okay, now the beautiful lady in the picture above is my lovely mother. My mother's name is Masita Binti Kasim. Although she is fierce lady but I know that she really love her children. She is a kind loving, hardworking and the most I jealous to my mother is she has good cooking skill but I am not. I think to myself that she becomes fierce because of my siblings and I are sometimes a little naughty and lazy. She wants all of us to be a good person and can manage our self confidently in future. It is so sweet. You want to know something? Among my siblings, I am the one that can easily make my mother laugh and also cry. Hahaa.. Huhuu..

Who are they in the pictures above? Is this the power puff girl's picture or the Charlie Angle's picture?
Absolutely you are wrong. That are my sibling's picture. I am the eldest, second is Syafiqah who is wear the green baju kurung, third is Syuhadah who is wear the blue baju kurung , and the youngest is Dini Izni that had the gorgeous picture above. We love and respect each other. I really love all of them. All of them are not only my siblings, but they also become my coolest friend
that I had ever had. I loves all of them much than I loves myself.
Our life becomes dull without friends. Friends make us laugh, smile, always be there when we are sad or happy, share problems together and much more. I really happy when I make my friends happy. For me, life will more meaningful and beautiful when there are many people love you and always be beside you although sad or happy .

I am a simple girl to myself, a good daughter to my parents, a sweet sister to my siblings, a crazy buddy to my friends, and a psycho person to my bestfriend, so, who i am?
Completely it is me,abil.